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Our mainly products is the cooperation to create business opportunity around the world with serious people and companies. We trust that Cooperation is the base of long term and profitable business.

SINA Product 1
Brazilian Products for Exportation - Besic products, semi-manufactured and manufactured, industrialized and agriculture products are among the brazilian products to be exported.
SINA Product 2
Brazilian Importation Products - Brazil needs high technologe. then Brazil is importing nowadays many machinery products. Chemicals, electronic, besides consumer products like food are among thum.


SINA Service 1
International Trade - The objective is to negociate products from anywhere to any country, where it could be possible, follwing the International Commercial Rules and Countries Ethics.
SINA Service 2
Shipping Brokerage - CARGO/VESSEL OFFERS. The world became small with the globalization. So, we think that negociate cargo to be shipped and transported to anywhere is possible. Ocean, Air and truck in Mercosul trade.- Frequentely we need to find vessel to book transportation.
SINA Service 3
Brazilian Export, Import Logistic Operation - If you know all procedures, brazilian legislation, port/airports taxes, customer clearance procedures, shipping schedules them Logistic could not be important. If you don't, maybe Logistc Operation Project could help we close business.
SINA Service 4
Investment - The essential material to create development in a nation. The potentyon of our country is greate considering our natural resourses, industrial capability free available, human resources and education a}ong other fields needs investments.
SINA Service 5
Customs Clearance in Brazil - The brazilian export and import are regulated by the brazilian government. So, it is important to have a good Customs Clearence Professyonal that is aware of new changes and rules of legislation.
SINA Service 6
Sao Paulo City Assistance - This is one of the biggest city in the world, if you go around with a native people it could be more profitable your besiness trip.
SINA Service 7
Brazilian Econmic Analysis - We keep this item on the last line but it could be showed on the first. The point is if we think too much, the action could came later.


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