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Brazilian Products for Exportation.

Brazil has a good export capability, but only 500 biggest companies of 50.000 exporters has 70% of brazilian export market share. Brazil has about 7 millin companies, so the exporters corresponed only 0,4%. Actualy brazilian government are working on a project to intruduce small and middle companies on foreign market. A especial export police  incresde  getting the volume over US$ 200 billion in 2008. The efforts will be concentrated in about 40 fields, on commercial, financial, logistic technicial, ports operations etc. This is the good time to increase or start exportation.

The brazilian exportation volume in 2004 was U$ 96 billion and the importation was U$ 63 billion.  The brazilian government throuhg new export policy pretend to change for this balance, through the Proex-Export Project, FINAME, Export Insurange and others economics actions like excluding ICMS of basic export products.

Brazil exports mainly basic products tradictionally, but nowadays reaching 52% of manufacture products, which incresead with this new policy, semi-manufactured and manufactured products are among grate quantities of our exportation. This grat results is subject of several action form Lula's goverment.

The economic success of a nation is grately due to the solid international business participation.

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