We are proud to offer pastas from 120 years  traditional  italian and manual pasta production to the industrial scale production of pasta, flour and cakes.

Uniting special care to raw materials, state of art technology and rigorous quality control, plants installed in Brazil, have won over the preference of Brazilian consumers and the sales leadership in many regions, and countries worldwide. Wining space in the market and at the table of those who make taste and authentic quality while cooking.


With its headquarters in Sao Paulo state, an Italian immigrant who brought the traditional Italian pasta to this region, established in 1887.
Today, the traditional company continuous expansion strategy, remain dedicating to maintain the quality of products in such a growing and competitive market.

• Begins production of Ready Cake in 1999, its modern plant with an area of 246.06 yard (225,000mē), and twelve times bigger than the former.

• in 2000 Began  new production pasta Plant, considered as the most modern in South America, and listed as one of the world’s most modern. The spaghetti production line installed in the plant is of 9.92 pounds (4,500kg)/h.

• 2001 began operations with the world’s largest thin noodles machine, with unequal production and quality.

• 2004 began operations with the largest cut pasta machine in South America, with 4500kg/h production, 3-hour drying time and the most modern and highly advanced technology in the world.
• Installed a new instantaneous lamen machine, with a 6.61 pounds (3000 kg)/h production line capacity to meet the large increase in demand and one of the most automated packaging systems in the world.
• Introduction into the market of muffin-type cakes of 0.09 pounds (40g) each in single portion. For adults and kids, all with filling.

We are looking for serious final buyer, distributer that deal with pasta products.

The country destination is subject to final  aprpovetion for negotiation. 


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