BRAZILIAN PORTs SERVICES, Which means Warehouse, Inland transportation, Bonded Warehouse Operations and Customers Clearence. It follows names for indication only in BRAZIL: 

Sao Paulo City

AGESBEC - EADI - Estaçao Aduaneira do Interior - 45km of Santos Port, 300.000sqm, ABC region in Sao Paulo City. One of the most new logistic structure for your trade support in Brazil.  

Dry Port  - EADI - in Sao Paulo City, operating with bonded warehouse of import, export, multimodal terminal,  customer house inside, reefer camber, 15 min from Guarulhos AirPort. Larger space for vihicle. Good structure to operate mainly on Mercosul countries with MIC/DTA truck system transportation. Inland transportation with partner Fassina, included also logistic support with Warehouses in Santos Port.


Inland Transportation Sao Paulo / Santos.

ESTRADA TRANSPORTES  Many peculiarities distinguish the services of a highway transporter specialized in foreign commerce from the routine of transporting domestic cargo within Brazil. Adaptation to the activities at ports and airports requires knowledge of legislation, compliance with tight schedules and various other distinct techniques.

To transport imported merchandise or that destined for export, cargos of Santos Port, Guarulhos Airport, many other public or private entities are involved, such as federal revenue, federal police, port and airport administrating entities - Codesp and Infraero - customs bonded warehouses, such as EADIs, IPAs, aside from shipping and airline companies. Depending on the nature of the cargo, Estrada has to add the agricultural, health and armed forces ministries and environment agencies. Importation require more specific documents, such as DTAS. 


Santos Terminal - Container

Santos Brasil - At the terminal, clients, brokers and forwarders may interface directly with the Santos Customs Authority, with the Ministries of Agriculture and of Health – for all of whom modern and fully equipped offices have been provided – thus speeding up the legal clearance of their individual processes. A bank branch operating at TECON provides additional agility to the operation of Full Container Vessels and Ro-Ro.

TECON is the only specialized terminal at the Port of Santos with six internal railroad tracks directly linking and integrating Santos Brasil´s primary zone with the national railway network .Three transtainers spanning the railway lines are deployed for fast and smooth container and general cargo transfer. See also Santos Port WebSite


Santos Terminals

Hipercon Terminals in Santos Port, 2 Warehouses 9.000m2 used to store goods, 3 Terminal Depots, 132.000m2 used to store empty and containers, 2 Terminal Depot 113.000sqm used for bulk cargos, and or heavy vehicles, Codesp Warehouse 33 and 35 in Santos Port.. 

TRANSCHEM, Established in 1985 in order to render port services to tankers owned by its holding company in the port of Santos, having started its activities with an average of six vessels/month. A continuous growth project was initiated in mid 1987, by expanding and diversifying its port operations activities, and the company began operating with all kinds of vessels, i.e., general cargo, full-containers, solid bulk vessels, ro-ro, etc., having reached in the last few months an average of 44 vessels/month attended to.

In mid 1997, VCP Celulose e Papel S/A, a company within the Votorantim Group, leased CODESP'S warehouses 14/15, and TRANSCHEM was selected to be the Terminal operators, because it had the best proposal among the companies checked by VCP.

In 1998, TRANSCHEM was selected by the leaseholders of CODESP'S warehouses 30/31,to carry out the administration and port operations at the NST Terminal, which was formed to operate breakbulk cargo handling of newsprint paper, hardwood, palletized cargo, cellulose,


Paranagua, Sao Francisco Sul, Itajai

ROCHA - Well structured company to operate in Paranagua, Sao Francisco do Sul and Itajai Ports as the Customer Clearance, Maritime Agence, Handling Experience in Ports Operations, Depot Empty Container Terminal, Full Container Terminal, Storage and Distribution. The mainly objective nowadays is to operate on Intermodal Logistics Transportation in South America. See the Paranagua Container Terminal TCP , The Port of Paranagua was one of the first Brazilian ports to enter the privatization process in 1996. 




Mercovia S.A é um consorcio integrado pelas empresas Impregilo International Infraestructures NV, Necon Argentina S.A y Jose J Chediack S.A.IC.A formado para colocar em pratica o projeto, construção, operação manutenção e exploração da Ligação Vial Internacional entre o Sul do Brasil / Argentina. nas cidades de Sao Borja (Rio Grande do Sul, e Santo Tomé (Corrietes - Argentina). Totalmente estruturada com alfandesgas, estacionamentos, infra estrutura para agilizar processos de exportação e importação.

Salvador - Bahia.

INTERMARITIMA - The most Northeast of Brazil, mainly in Salvador, Bahia,  with 8.000 sqm of Warehouse, 115.000sqm free area, Customer Warehouse Operater.  

EADI - SALVADOR - Bahia. A Estação Aduaneira Interior (EADI) this is the dry port cargo terminal 18 km from Camacari industrial District, specialised in Brazilian Foreign Trade Business. It was develop legal system to operate on Import and Export Process of liberation, distribution, warehouse. 


Suape - Recife

SUAPE Port  -  The Port of suape is located at the extreme east of the Atlantic coast of South America, thus having a strategic location in relation to the main maritime navigation routes and reducing journey times to the most important world ports. It is potentially one of the HUB PORTS for the South Atlantic.  The Port and Industrial Comples of Suape is located 40 km from Recife. Its conception as a port and industrial complex offers exceptional conditions for new industrial enterprises. Until 1999 USD 100 million were invested in order to provide the Industrial Complex with the complete infrastructure.

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