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The third city in The World, inhabitant about 35 million of people, Brazil has about 166 million. The  conected states which are included  Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.  These states are the mainly industrialized states in Brazil.

Yes, I know that you want to sell your line of products in Sao Paulo & region for sure. So, how could you do that, should it be easy?, What could you do to be well succeed? Yes, you must work with somebody that knows the City and the country.

That is simple, you need to do what must be done. Invest in Time, Planning, Commercial Structure & Marketing.  Yes, every body wants to sell in Brazil or any other countries, but few really want to do what must be done. Nothing is for Free in the life, mainly at eco~omic business of selling products.

Yes, your products has a very good potential  to be sold in our City & Country. Brazil has people from anywhere of the world, we have any politic conflicts and has a democratic administration. Almost of total of biggest 500 companies of the world are already in Brazil - your company should stay too. Brazil import yearly about  USD 50 billion dollars, which are mostly effected by the multinational companies, also with plants in our country.

The secret to be well succeed on your SELLING BUSINESS IN SAO PAULO city is  Invest - Time, Planing, Commercial Structure & Marketing.

Why do so many companies failure. Because they want to sell their products, only based on representation working,  trying to make  sells  based only in commission or reseller business.

The problem is that this representative do not make enough efforts to sell your products,  the purchase order made by the customer do not came at the first contact. Selling business has seven step, that must be followed, it will take time.

So,  for the beginning who wants to develop business for a products that does not give to the representative good money? The market is proving that this system are not working well, maybe e-commerce, web marketing, directly selling by Internet could be better system of selling than that based on commission representative  agent or reseller agent.  

After Real brazilian plan of 1994 and privatization of many state companies - many, many international companies came to Brazil. Field like telecommunication,  informatic, automobile,  Internet  and many others.

Brazil are importing  yearly USD 63 billion dollars. And the plans by the administrative  government is to continue the importation plans, besides the efforts to double our export volume to USD 96 billion dollars until 2004.  You could include on your project  business on Mercosul countries, Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay.

So, Sao Paulo city  is a potential business market for you & your company. What I offer you is the  admi~istration and coordination, of  your business here in SAO PAULO CITY.

I repeat to be well succeed your must Invest  - Time, Planning, Commercial Structure & Marketing. How much could you invest, depend on your market share desire, your size of business. 

Lets think about the other side (buying), you could install a base in Sao Paulo to BUY brazilian products, many companies want to buy,  sugar, orange juice, bovine meat etc, if you have an office based here you could be well succeed very soon.

I could be your CEO in Sao Paulo City. Graduated Working on brazilian  foreign trade market since 1984.  I have been in charge of many brazilian and international companies. Since Sept97 after the creation of my webcompany, as the president, CEO - Trader & Shipping Broker. For sure this is knowledge can stand your branch in our city of SAO PAULO.


Send me your plans to be analyzed.

 Anderson Sina - Trader/Shipg Broker

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